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Conference on Key Solutions for Environmental Sustainability - Soil, Biodiversity & Biomass organized by the European Landowners' Organization (ELO) and the Future Forest Initiative (FFI)

The European Landowners' Organization (ELO) and the Future Forest Initiative (FFI) invite you to join their conference in Brussels to hear speakers with scientific, technical and business backgrounds share their practical solutions and ideas in the three following panels:

  • Forests: Diversification of the use of biomass  - We will discuss new ways to use biomass to help create a more circular and sustainable economy while introducing derived materials to new markets.
  • Biodiversity: Monitoring biodiversity to strengthen it  - We will look at how to best monitor biodiversity and how this can better protect and restore it in a second stage.
  • Desertification: How to anticipate/avoid land degradation  - We will discuss what measures and models exist to counter land degradation and desertification.

After these panels, the start-ups from the FFI-accelerator will pitch their solutions to the audience. The conference will end with a reception open to all participants.

Location: The conference will take place at the Residence Palace, at the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels.

Join NGOs, European civil servants, scientists and landowners from around Europe. The conference will be the opportunity to exchange practical ideas and network. It is worth coming for two days to Brussels: the large Forum for the Future of Agriculture will take place on the next day. This European forum deals with key topics around agriculture such as food security, environmental health or climate change.

We look forward seeing you on the 25th of March!


Event information


25th March 2024

Residence Palace

(Room: Salle des Miroirs)

Wetstraat 155

1040 Brussels, Belgium

Start of the conference: 14.00 (CET) 
End of the Event: 20.00 (CET)
Post by Future Forest Initiative
Februar 13, 2024