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Future Forest Community
To support innovative ideas for the forest of the future, we concentrate know-how and innovative strength in a strong community.

Future Forest Accelerator 2024
As Europe's first Sustainability Hub for forest and climate, we activate, accelerate and support innovations until they are ready for the market, i.e. in our Startup Accelerator.
Future Forest Forum 2024
The most important event for innovations in the context of wood and forest. The 4rd Forum takes place on September 6-7, 2024 - with hundreds of guests & an exclusive programme!

The date for the Future Forest Forum 2024 is set!

The highlight event for forest and climate innovation, which is already sold out, will take place next time on 6 + 7 September 2024. Secure your tickets now via our community membership

Our Hub needs your ideas  

Together for the forest of tomorrow: This is the motto under which we launched the Future Forest Initiative.

A strong and interdisciplinary network is required for the diverse challenges that the forest has to overcome as a result of climatic changes. To do this, we connect a wide variety of stakeholders from science, business, entrepreneurship, politics and forest ownership.

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Supported by Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank on behalf of the Federal Ministry


Do you want to see the Future Forest Initiative
in action?

Here you find a list of upcoming events of our initiative.

ELO conference in Brussels
On 25 March, the European Landowners' Organization (ELO) and the FFI have organized a conference with three panels at the Residence Palace in the heart of the European Quarter. Speakers from science, technology and business addressed the topics of forests, biodiversity and desertification, and our start-ups presented their solutions. The approximately 120 participants also had the opportunity to exchange ideas and network. Those interested were offered the opportunity to visit the large forum for the future of agriculture on March 26.".

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FFI for social entrepreneurship
As part of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection's "REACT with Impact" program, we have placed a special focus on start-ups for the common good in recent months. We believe that the diverse ecosystem services provided by the forest must be better protected and rewarded - which is why we have developed a guideline for start-ups geared towards the common good, increasingly supported start-ups geared towards the common good in our accelerator and created space for the exchange and realization of projects.

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Accelerator 2024
Almost 50 start-ups responded to our call last year and applied for Future Forest #Accelerate. 14 of them made it to Batch#2 - with a variety of innovative ideas and visionary business models in their luggage. With inspiring pitch sessions and the subsequent presentation of the award, the conclusion of the batch was duly celebrated at the forum. Now it's time for the next round! - The application for Batch#3 will start soon.

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Forest of the Future

We do pioneering work for forest innovation

Our team relies on visionary business models and innovative start-up ideas.

Our Startup Program

Get to know our Startup Accelerator!

Accelerator program 2024

Support for your go-to-market roadmap

FFI Community

Our network for pioneering forest innovation

Further programs

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Future Forest

Our solutions for the forest of tomorrow

The Future Forest Initiative puts the forest at the center of the actions of innovators and financiers. Through innovation, we open up new options for action for forestry in times of climate change. Together we develop solutions for the sustainable use of the forest and pave the way for a newly conceived forest management in which the sale of wood can be complemented by new sources of income. We address three main drivers of forest change: unsustainable land use, biodiversity loss, and climate change. From these we derive our three fields of solutions:

Smart Forestry
Key technologies open up options for action for climate-smart forestry. By developing new tools for forest managers, we increase the sustainability, flexibility, and efficiency of forest management.
Ecosystem Services
Forests provide diverse ecosystem services for society and the economy. By developing tools to reward these services, we create added value for forest managers.
Climate Solutions
To achieve our climate goals, we support technical and natural solutions from the forest and agroforestry context, which aim at carbon compensation, climate neutrality or circular bioeconomy.

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